Class Questions

Space is limited and our classes fill so you will need to book online in all instances.

All bookings are made via GymMaster. To book into a class simply go to the Timetable page of our website and create an account. Download the GymMaster app to your phone to make it easy to book, cancel & purchase memberships & class packs.

If you have any issues booking in, you can call or email us and we’ll talk you through the process.

You can cancel your class via the GymMaster app or member portal, free up to 8 hours before the class time. After 8hrs is late cancellation and the class is considered used.

If you cancel less than 2hrs before the class a $5.50 fee is charged. This is to ensure that students who are waitlisted don’t have to miss out and waitlists are cleared 2hrs before the class.

We make it super easy to self manage all of your bookings and class cancellations via the Gym Master app that can be downloaded through your phone.

We are very generous with our class cancellation policy, we give you up to 8 hrs before a class to be able to cancel without penalty!

When you join, we will advise of you of our class cancellation policy. So make sure you read all documentation when it is sent through.

We have a min requirement of 3, if there are less than 3 booked we would have to cancel the class. You will receive a notification via email and SMS 2 hours before the said class. The class benefit you used for the booking will be automatically returned to you.

Each class has a maximum number of attendees. You can still book in a full class but you will get waitlisted. Once someone in the official list of attendees has cancelled their booking, you will be automatically moved up to the list and GymMaster will send a notification via SMS and email for your booking confirmation.

In the event that no one cancels their class booking, the class benefit you used for that booking will be returned to you and you can use it to book to another class in the future.


Absolutely no experience required. This class is on a static pole to focus on technique, improve grip strength & correct muscle engagement.

Skills: foundation Floorwork & movement such as body rolls, fan kicks, pirouettes. Pole skills: chair spin, front/back hook spin, double stag, knee hug, fireman spin, climb technique & pole sits.

Pre Intermediate

You need to have completed min 8wks of a beginner course.

Learn basic Inverts & techniques. This course will introduce you techniques on a spin pole.


You can invert comfortably on both sides.

Learn inside & outside leg hangs on both sides plus skills such as laybacks, Cupid, shapes from leghangs, Butterfly, multiple trick combos on spin & static.

Mid Intermediate

You can invert & do inside/outside leg hangs from the ground on both sides.

Learn to aerial invert plus skills such as extended butterfly, Shouldermount prep, Jade split, Allegras & more.

High Intermediate

You can aerial invert & leg hang from the ground on both sides.

Learn to shouldermount from the ground both sides in cupgrip

Prep Advanced

You can shouldermount in cup grip both sides.

Learn to aerial shouldermount, Ayeshas, prep for handsprings.


Invite required to join Advanced.

Learn to handspring, can handspring. Introducing all the fun advanced stuff. Deville Split, Pegasus, Brass Monkey skills.