10 Things To Expect from your 1st Pole class

Welcome to the enchanting world of Pole, where each twirl is a step toward empowerment and self-expression. If you’re gearing up for your first pole class, here’s a sneak peek on 10 things to expect from your 1st pole class:

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1. Embrace the Learning Curve

You will likely not be amazing at it first go. It’s so different from anything else you’ve ever done. And this is true for everyone, regardless of fitness background. You can be an olympic gymnast and still feel the same as someone who has no fitness experience. The initial learning curve is part of the excitement.

2. Slippery Slope – It’s Normal!

Expect a bit of slip and slide as you acquaint yourself with the pole. Don’t worry; it’s all part of the fun. Your grip will improve with time and practice, so embrace the learning process. There are also gripaids that can help with sweaty hands. Just ask your studio as most have these available for you. Our fav is Griptinite.

3. Don’t Compare!

In the world of pole dancing, comparison is out, and individuality is in. Your journey is yours alone, and that’s the beauty of it. Everyone’s pole journey is so unique. We all have very different strengths, our bodies move differently. One person may be quite flexible, another may be very inflexible but very strong, some know how to dance. However none of that matters. What matters is to focus on technique and learn a safe way to move. We encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and enjoy the journey without comparison to others. Accept that your progress will look different to anyone elses…and that’s what we love about Pole.

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4. Mastering the Basics

Your first class lays the groundwork with simple walks around the pole, sultry body rolls, mesmerising figure 8 hips, and the classic fireman spin. It’s the starting point of your captivating pole journey.

5. Feet Firmly on the Ground – No Upside Down Yet

Your initial classes will have you mastering the basics before defying gravity- you will NOT be going upside down yet so hold off on the upside-down antics for now There’s a world of technique to conquer before you go upside down.

6. Technique Over Brawn

Don’t worry if you haven’t been hitting the gym; pole dancing is 80% technique and only 20% strength. Learning the right moves and perfecting your technique will naturally build strength along the way.

7. Flexibility, Not Toe-Touching

Good news: touching your toes is not a prerequisite! Your journey will include essential stretch techniques that, when maintained, will benefit you long beyond your pole dancing adventures.

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8. Meet Your Muscles

Get ready to discover muscles you never knew existed. Pole dancing engages your entire body, unveiling hidden strength and flexibility. It’s a full-body workout that keeps you both challenged and amazed.

 9. Dress for Success

Hotpants? Optional. Skin-to-pole contact? Essential. Opt for sports shorts where you can expose the upper part of your thighs for optimal grip. Love your leggings? No worries, but be ready for a challenge with pole sits.

10. Welcome to the Pole Posse

Prepare for a warm embrace from your new pole family. Your fellow pole pals and instructors aren’t just cheering – they’re your support system. The camaraderie you’ll find here is unlike anything you’d experience in a traditional gym.

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Before you go, Hear from an Extraordinary Achiever!

We’d like you to meet Mariko. At 48 Mariko was worried about her age and body shape. Here she shares her journey from her first class to 1 1/2yrs later. 

Remember, pole dancing is not just a fitness class. No matter what you really expect on your 1st pole class, it’s a transformative experience. You’ve taken the first step—now let the pole lead you to a fitter, stronger, and more confident version of yourself!

Blog-Related FAQS

FAQ 1: What if I Lack Dance Skills?

No problem at all! Pole dancing combines fitness, dance, and self-expression. Your unique journey is what matters; you’ll develop your dance style with each class.

FAQ 2: Will I Feel Uncomfortable in My First Class?

It’s completely normal to feel a bit awkward initially, but trust the process. Embrace the learning curve, and soon you’ll feel at ease as you twirl and spin.

FAQ 3: I’m worried about bruising. Is it normal, and how can I minimize it?

Pole kisses (bruises) are a common part of the journey and a badge of honor! They fade over time. To minimise them, stay hydrated, warm up properly, and consider using grip aids for controlled spins.

FAQ 4: What’s the next step after a trial class?

Following your trial class, if you’re hooked on pole dancing (which often happens!), the natural progression is to sign up for our 8 Week Beginner Course. Keep an eye out for an email after your trial class to see promos and offers!

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